Vintage horse trailer catering conversion

This article was written by Ellen Brady.

Our vintage horse trailer at Lough Owel Organic Farm is now used for cooking and selling organic beef burgers. We also have a new addition to our menu, beef in a box. It is a gluten free option where we put the beef in a box with the other toppings. It also costs €6 like a gourmet organic beef burger.



electric picnic 2012

this year myself emma annia and james headed to stradbally for the weekend as part of the westmeath food network group. the weekend was a great success and we did our take on pat lalors “ballard farm” organic porrige for breakfeast and the lough owel organic burger for dinner. as a group we won a bridgestone award for local artisan cooking.ImageImage

bord bia open day

on sunday 16th october 2012 we held our annual open day in conjunction with bord bia.the guests were welcomed with a pig on the spit and treated to three beef and three pork dishes by local chiefs michael rath and james lowry. approx 120 people attended and i would like to thank them for the great feedback. joeImageImageImageImage

arable silage

close up of crop  This is the finished product before baling in which you can see the barley

oats and peas.  The crop was cut on week 13 and yielded 8.5 bales/acre.

All this crop recived was a light coat of slurry before the gate was shut on it.

The bales were double wrapped and stacked 2 high on sides.


New Arrivals

Peppa pig had her babies last night – unassisted.  For the past few days she had been snuggling into her bedding, with only her tail showing.  Last night she delivered 10 beautiful piglets, unaided, and here is one in Ellens arms happy today. They are surprisingly large, and extremely shiny and healthy looking.